AV2 Multipoint Lock

Code: ZZ

ZZ - AV2 Multipoint Lock - 

Meets PAS23/24 Security and durability standards, both for single domestic dwellings and multi-occupancy dwellings.

Suitable for FD30 fire doors.

When closing the door it is automatically locked by means of two solid Hook bolts which deeply penetrate into the keep rail - manual locking is not necessary. Thus, it is more difficult to pull the frame and the leaf of the door apart by using typical burglary tools. To ensure correct use a failsafe device prevents the unintentional release of the hook bolts. The automatically locked door can be opened in the usual manner:
- from the inside by the door latch
- from the outside by the key.

55mm backset as standard, but other sizes are avaliable upon request, suitable for use in conjuntion with standard ironmongery products.

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