Cobra Multipoint Lock

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ZZ - Cobra Multipoint Lock - 

Key Features

  •  25 mm throw solid brass hooks. Tested in accordance with DIN18103 (burglar resistant doors) and approved by major UK insurance companies.
  •  Comprehensive adjustments in the keeps that provide low operating forces without the need of additional roller cams.
  •  Continuous steal keep rail which ensures that operating forces are equally distributed over the full length of the keep.
  •  Nickel plated latch and 16mm and 20mm deadbolt provide maximum strength in the middle of the door. 
  •  Secure Locking mechanism using sintered metal gears. This ensures a long service life
  •  In the locked position the mechanism is blocked in two modes, the hook bolts are securely locked and cannot be forced back.


  • Key operated - the deadbolt and hooks are thrown by turning the key.
  • Lever operated - the deadbolt and hooks are thrown by lifting the door handle. The door is then locked by using the key.
  • Split follower - this performs as a lever/lever lock but it has the additional feature that the latch only retracts when the internal handle is operated. This is an additional security feature commonly used in the south of the UK.
  • 55mm backset as standard, other sizes are available upon request.
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