Expa-fit framing systemFully integrated framing system

Fully integrated framing system

Expa-fit showcase

Our easy-to-fit framing system that saves time and money on site.

Expa-fit is Dorplan’s exclusive, easy-to-fit system that comprises a fully-finished door, frame, architrave and ironmongery in one package. It can save over £130 in installation costs per doorset.*

It is supplied fully assembled and ready to hang, requiring minimal work, space and tools to complete installation. All the joiner has to do is unpack it, fix the frame into the aperture and secure the architrave. Alternatively, for site- or project-specific requirements it can be supplied flat-packed in one package or in phased deliveries.

Another benefit is that all products are CNC-machined by Dorplan to individual aperture requirements and assembled at our premises so the only site waste is the recyclable packaging. 

Size options

These are our standard sizes; bespoke sizes are available on request.

Metric                     Imperial

926 x 2040             3’0” x 6’6” (914 x 1981mm)

826 x 2040             2’10” x 6’6” (864 x 1981mm)

726 x 2040             2’9” x 6’6” (838 x 1981mm)

626 x 2040             2’6” x 6’6” (762 x 1981mm)

526 x 2040             2’3” x 6’6” (686 x 1981mm)

426 x 2040             2’0” x 6’6” (610 x 1981mm)

-                             1’9” x 6’6” (533 x 1981mm)

-                             1’6” x 6’6” (457 x 1981mm)

Expa-fit integrated doorsets aren’t just easy to install. They also offer excellent performance: 

Fire ratings: 


dB ratings 

Environmental standards


*Calculation based on savings in time required to complete installation vs traditional door frame installation and site decoration. 

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This drawing shows how Expa-fit slots easily together to provide a fast-fitting frame for your doorset. Intumescent seals can be added where appropriate for fire-retardant purposes.

Frame materials

Redwood Mid-range option for internal doors. It is our most popular option for painted doors, although it can be stained or lacquered. Suitable for fire-rated and acoustic doorsets.


Hardwood Excellent for durability and security. A variety of species is available. We recommend lacquer or stain to allow the beauty of the wood to be seen. Suitable for fire-rated, acoustic and secure doorsets.


MDF A cost-effective solution providing a smooth surface that gives the best finish for painted doors. It can also be veneer-wrapped. Suitable for fire-rated doors.


All our timber is FSC certified. If required, please ask for chain of custody certification when requesting a quote.

One of the great aspects of Expa-fit frames is that your door can have many of the same features as our other ranges, such as vision panels. 

Vision panels can help to increase visibility, distribute light and enhance design. In certain locations, such as entrances, they are a legal requirement with defined minimum sizes (see below). If you require side or over panels, please look at our PuraDor+ Vision Panels and Screens 

Some of our most popular vision panel styles are shown here but we can make panels to any size and shape. For fire and sound-rated doors there may be some restrictions but we will guide you through the requirements to make sure these are maintained. 


Glass Types 

Laminated: two sheets of glass with a PVB (non-fire-rated) or intumescent layer in the middle. May crack under pressure but mostly sticks to the central layer and remains in one piece.

Tempered: Heat-treated to give resistance to impact; where breakage does occur it shatters into tiny pieces.


Fire ratings: 





Where privacy is required we offer a range of choices. We recommend these options but can incorporate alternatives as required.


Vision panels in entrance doors 

These are governed by the Government’s Building Regulations parts M (Access to buildings) and K (Protection from falling, collision and impact). This diagram shows the minimum requirements for vision panels in entrance doors.


There are two main types of beading for vision panels: bolection and flush. Beading is supplied in hardwood species, with finish to complement the door. Both examples here are shown as for an FD60 door, with intumescent strips between the beading and the glass.  


Expa-fit frames can be finished to co-ordinate with your doors, either in matching veneer or in contrasting finish. We can support you in the co-ordination of finishes across your whole project. Some of our most popular options are shown below and we can source many others. For a true representation of colour or finish, please ask us for a sample.

Paint and lacquer finishes

Timber doors can be supplied unfinished, primed or spray-finished. Finish sheens from 5% dead matt to 90% high-build gloss can be achieved. We can match any RAL colour, contact us for samples. Among our most popular finishes are grey oak and painted white wood


Wood species

The most common species are shown here but others can be sourced – ask us for any special requirements.

QTD = Quarter Cut, CR = Crown Cut


Veneer cuts

The most popular cuts are crown and quarter, although rift and rotary are also frequently chosen. Unusual cuts are also available, including figured quarter, bird’s eye, burr and fiddleback quartered. 

Contact us to find out what cuts are available for your preferred species. 

CUTS Crown, Quarter, Rift, Rotary


Designer cuts:



Veneers can be matched in different ways to achieve a variety of effects. 

Book match: veneers are mirrored to give a symmetrical effect

Quarter: veneers are mirrored and turned to give an effect radiating from a central point

Slip: leaves are laid side by side to give a gradually-varying repeat pattern


Special finishes

Woods can have additional treatments applied to them for cosmetic or performance purposes. 

These samples show the impact of treatment on a standard oak veneer. For a true representation, please ask us for a sample.

High gloss: can be combined with (as here) or without stain to give a stunning designer gloss to the wood

Polyurethane coated: a durable coating that protects the wood while allowing the natural grain to shine through

Smoking: retains the wood’s natural beauty but darkens it and brings out deeper tints

Staining: adds depth or colour to the wood, while retaining the visibility of the natural grain



To learn more about laminate options, see our PuraTouch pages.

Our in-house manufacturing facilities allow us to offer significant flexibility to customers, from fast turnaround to a variety of delivery options. 

Expa-fit can be supplied assembled or flat-packed, in single or multiple packages and all together or in phased deliveries. For example, we can supply flat-packed elements in separate deliveries at different times. At the other end of the scale we can supply single packages containing pre-hung, pre-finished doorsets with pre-installed ironmongery.

We also take exceptional care with packaging to ensure the products you open on site are exactly as they were when they left us.


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