PuraProtect everything you touch against infection

Following up on the launch of our built-in infection control solution for doorsets and ironmongery, we now bring you PuraProtect for touchpoints everywhere in your building.

PuraProtect is an antiviral and antibacterial spray system that can be applied to most surfaces you have to touch. You can protect almost anything you can think of: handles, push plates, handrails, keys, taps, furniture and almost any surface, including varnishes, glass and ceramics.

It is completely different from disinfectants, which have a short effective lifespan and have to be reapplied frequently. The science behind PuraProtect ensures that surfaces are given lasting protection: when applied it ‘cures’, providing an invisible but lasting seal to surfaces.

It does this by using nanotechnology to kill viruses and bacteria on contact, including the TGEV coronavirus and Influenza A, and it is tested as 99.8% effective against the model of SARS Cov-2. It is certified for use against bacteria including MRSA, e-coli, listeria and salmonella. Only one application is necessary to give lasting protection: it remains effective after being cleaned up to 40,000 times*.

*40,000 cleans refers to performance on glass, different performance levels apply to other surfaces.

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