PuraSteelInternal and external safety doors for almost any application

Nothing says security like a steel door and our PuraSteel doorsets offer both an industry-leading specification and exceptional value.
Nothing says security like a steel door and our PuraSteel doorsets offer both an industry-leading specification and exceptional value.


Steel doors are made to order. Sizes are available in 10mm increments as follows:
Width – single doors: min 690mm, max 1340mm 
Width – double doors: min 1000mm, max 2600mm
Height – min 1500mm, max 2800mm

As a minimum, our steel doors meet PAS24 standards but we can offer so much more. Frames, leaves and ironmongery can be specified in order to offer certified resistance to:

Fire (up to 4 hours): EN 1634-1
Sound: up to 56dB EN ISO 140-3
Smoke: EN 1634-3
Wind: EN 12211
Heat: EN ISO 10077
Water: EN 1027
Burglary: EN 1627
Air permeability: EN 1026

Certified anti-panic features can also be incorporated to meet standards EN 179/EN 1125.

The type and thickness of the steel, the frame specification and hardware vary according to the performance features desired. To maintain security certification, PuraSteel doors are supplied fully assembled with hardware fitted as standard. This has the added benefit of reducing installation time on site.

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Frame options

PuraSteel doors must be supplied with steel frames to meet certification requirements. They are supplied pre-assembled, with pre-installed hardware. 


Vision panels and side/over screens can help to increase visibility, distribute light and enhance design. Louvre panels are also a popular choice on steel doors to permit air flow.

Some of our most popular styles are shown here but we can make panels to any size and shape. To achieve your security requirements there may be some restrictions but we will guide you through what is possible to ensure these are maintained.




Bespoke panels over or to the side of a door can be integrated. They may be filled with glass or louvre panels; we will advise on how to incorporate these to maintain SBD requirements.


Where glass is used it is laminated: two sheets of glass with a PVB (non-fire-rated) or intumescent layer in the middle. May crack under pressure but mostly sticks to the central layer and remains in one piece.


Fire ratings

Glass fire ratings are available as follows:

Glass finishes

Glass can be supplied with a variety of finishes. Combinations of these finishes can be used, for example to offer privacy in lower panels and visibility in higher panels:

PuraSteel doors can be supplied primer finished, powder coated or wet spray finished to the RAL colour of your choice. We will support you in the co-ordination of finishes with other elements of your project. Please ask for a sample to help you achieve the colour and finish you desire.

Steel doorsets are usually supplied in a single package to protect security features. Exceptional care is taken with packaging to ensure the products you open on site are exactly as they were when they left us. Depending on the specification, some elements may be individually wrapped and for larger orders they may be carefully stacked. The whole is then fully encased in a protective wrapping.


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